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 iTzMe Admin/OP Applications

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iTzMe Admin/OP Applications  Empty
PostSubject: iTzMe Admin/OP Applications    iTzMe Admin/OP Applications  EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 1:39 pm

1. Approximately how long have you been playing on our minecraft server? Have you played any other minecraft servers? I play on this sever approximately for like almost everyday for 4-7 hours.
2. List all of the minecraft servers you've been admin on. I never been admin on any sever but, i know i have the knowledge to become one Smile.
3. Have you read our rules towards our server? Do you agree by these rules at all times? I have read all the rules and i agree to each and every one of them.
4. Why have you chosen to apply for admin? What can you benefit with the server if you have been chosen to be part of the staff? The reason why i chose to apply from admin is so, i can help people and i know their aren't very much admins on so that's when i come in. What benefits me with this sever is i will not admin abuse. I also Love to help anybody out/ Love to build Very Happy.
5. Do you have a mic, and is able to join our teamspeak server? Sadly i do have a mic, but it stopped working.
6. Once you put on the Admin/Moderator tag you are not only a staff member but a role model for other players. Do you agree to set a good example on the server? Yes, i would agree and set a very good example.
7. As a admin/moderator on the server, you will be expected to be active within the community, both on the website and the game server. Inactivity may result in your Admin/moderator privileges being revoked (unless otherwise reasonably determined by Owner/Head admin/Server Admins. Is this agreeable to you? If not, please explain why.This is very agreeable to me.
8. Age/Sex/Location?20/M/California
9. What can you do to help our server become more successful and popular? I could advertise this sever, OR i could tell all my friends that play minecraft to play this sever.
10. Do you have more than one minecraft account? If so, why? No.
11. Have you ever broken a rule on our server? (for example, being disrespectful to other players and griefing other properties? My personality is always nice. For example before i even start playing i always read all the rules. When people ask for help i try my best to answer their question's.
12. Have you ever been kicked or banned from the server? If yes, please explain why. No.
13. Approximately how many hours per day do you play? Like i said in the begging i play almost everyday for 4-7 hours.
14. Is CosmicRPG the main server you play on? If not, what other servers are you playing on? This is the only sever i play on at the moment.
15. would you still play on other servers? If so, what is your main reason for doing so? (friends play there, map, etc.) Technically this will be my main sever cause the past severs i played are now gone.
16. Is a donation possible to be received from you so that our server can stay up and running? (also to help add in more player slots) If i get extra money from my paycheck i am gladly/ honor to donate for this sever Smile.

I accept not to abuse my powers
I will only help people who need it

Do you accept? Yes
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iTzMe Admin/OP Applications
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