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 Well Hello There

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PostSubject: Well Hello There   Well Hello There EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 8:46 pm

So, I'm Auggie136, wish i could change my Minecraft name But, its okay. I joined a few days ago and really like this server. I've made a shop in the mall, a protected house in the wild that someone tried to grief at but failed(just dug a hule ring around it) I've made many friends, and I may dislike some people, i can still tolerate them. I try to help out when needed like with Red-stone. I play GMOD a lot, and am a admin on a community there, I know E2 coding for GMOD well(its a coding for the game). I also like to say hi the new players and warn them about the wild. I Dont like to kill the Noobs who enter the wild, i try to defend them. Thats me, I play games alot, I have school coming up, and practice soccer alot, See you soon on the server Wink
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Well Hello There
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