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 zGraphiiXz Mayor Application

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zGraphiiXz Mayor Application Empty
PostSubject: zGraphiiXz Mayor Application   zGraphiiXz Mayor Application EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 10:56 am

1. How Long have you been playing on our server? 2 Weeks

2. Whats your name In-Game? zGraphiiXz

3. What is your timezone? Central/Standard

4. Why do you want to be town mayor? (Minimum 100 words) Well the reason I would like to become the mayor of Cosmic City is because I would rather be a Mayor than an Admin but anyways I think I could Welcome new players show them around, keep up on how the City is maintaining, if new players want to buy a lot I know how to world guard and add owners all that stuff you need to make sure they have a protected house in CosmicMC. I also think I could really help the city by expanding and adding new things other servers don't have. I also think it would be a interesting job to have in the Cosmic server. All in all I really want this rank because I think I can truly bring something new to the table as the new Mayor of CosmicMC.
-Thanks Adam

5. How often are you online? Almost everyday but with school starting up mostly about 4 pm or 3 pm if I don't have homework.

6. Do you know how to run a City/Town and is able to take care of any problem that comes along? Yes I do

7. By saying yes you agree to be a good town mayor be active and not misuse your powers under any circumstances . Yes
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PostSubject: Re: zGraphiiXz Mayor Application   zGraphiiXz Mayor Application EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 6:22 am

Uve been playing longer than 2 weeks like 4 weeks
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zGraphiiXz Mayor Application
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