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 Atwood6's Ban Appeal

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Atwood6's Ban Appeal Empty
PostSubject: Atwood6's Ban Appeal   Atwood6's Ban Appeal EmptyFri Sep 02, 2011 4:21 pm

I was in D_Wasteman's house, not with OR without his permission and he was placing blocks to try and trap me. I know it is within the City, so I knew that if I tried placing or destroying any blocks nothing would happen. He did trap me in the end by placing two high blocks all around me so I placed a block beneath me (knowing it would disappear as I don't have permssion for the area) and quickly jumped up onto the blocks he had placed. He then called over iDestroyStuff to ban me for, what D_Wasteman thought was hacking, when really it wasn't. I am sorry if I wasn't supposed to be in his house but it was open and he didn't ask me to leave and this won't happen again if I get unabnned.
Thanks for reading Very Happy
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Atwood6's Ban Appeal
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